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Magi_Character Development

Documented a working pipeline of a character concept development for my person project. I have to say thanks to a good friend and colleague Vincent Chai for all his help on teaching me the technical stuff.

Magi Character Concept

Brad wright magi cinematic low

Final Character design

Brad wright magi ortho low

Character Sheet turnaround

Brad wright magi dev3

Initial sketchbook thinking and planning for the character.

Brad wright magi dev1

Refined the ideas for the sketchbook phase towards something that suggests more of the character.

Brad wright magi dev4

Moving to 3D to blockout the design. Switching back and forth between Zbrush and Max.

Brad wright magi dev2

Figuring out the lighting and materials I want for the final presentation, within Vray.

Brad wright magi animation dev1

Rough storyboard to plan out the shots needed for the presentation film.

Grey turnaround

Brad wright magi squad colourslow
Brad wright magi sqaud close up1
Brad wright magi sqaud close up2
Brad wright magi sqaud close up3