Dune Character Designs_WIP

Brx wright fremen 01
The Fremen Chatt the Leaper, captain of the Fedaykin - Liet-Kynes, the son of Pardot Kynes, Imperial Planetologist - Chani - Maud'Ib - Stilgar - Alia - Jessica
Brx wright atriedes 01
The Atreides Gurney Halleck - Duke Leto - Paul - Jessica - Thufir Hawat - Duncan Idaho - Dr Yueh
Brx wright misc 01
Spacing Guild - Bene Gesserit - Zum Garon Imperial Sardaukar Supreme Bashar - Padishah Emperor/Princess Irulan
Brx wright harkonnen 01
The Harkonnen's Piter De Vries - Glossu 'Beast' Rabban - Baron Vladimir Harkonnen - Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen

Revisited my love of Dune to look at some characters.

I sadly haven't had the time to finish all of these, but rather than leave them on the hard drive, Ill upload.

I wanted to stick as close to the descriptions of the characters from the book but with my interpretations that I visualised when reading.